Want a Jonathan Grave Challenge Coin?

Jonathan Grave Challenge Coin

It’s a long-standing tradition among military, police, firefighters and other close-knit groups to design a commemorative coin. The coins are distributed as a way of saying thanks, or of showing respect. Jonathan Grave designed one for his team at Security Solutions. As you can see, one side features the company’s logo, and the other features the faceless heroes who have allowed Jonathan to stay alive as long as he has. The inscription—”On the Side of the Angels”—says it all.

The primary purpose for the coins is for John Gilstrap to give thanks to the many professionals and subject matter experts who help to make the books as good as they possibly can be. For the time being, there’s only one way to get one:

Coin-for-coin trade. You know who you are. You’ve got your own unit coin, or coins that you have collected from others. Email , and we’ll trade addresses. Your coin for my coin.