SIRT 110 Performer R/R with Additional Magazine & Shooting Glasses

You might guess from the types of book I write that I am something of a gun guy. The number one secret to accuracy when shooting a pistol is trigger control, and the SIRT pistol is an irreplaceable training aid. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but considering the cost of ammunition (and range time), I think it pays for itself in its first few months. The alternative is to dry fire, but you don’t get the trigger reset that way, and there’s the inherent risk associated with using a real firearm in the house, no matter how slight if you take safety seriously.

The SIRT pistol is particularly effective for me because I shoot Glocks, and the training gun is modeled after the G17. I’m not sure if the benefit would be the same for people who prefer other platforms. If they’re smart, the manufacturer will design a SIRT gun on a 1911 frame.

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